I first had treatment with Nic for lower back pain in my first pregnancy, and constant shoulder and hip issues. Along with complete relief of the pain I gained a better understanding of how my body works which has helped me manage my bad habits and niggles so well that I no longer suffer at all.
Since then I have trained as a doula , supported many women in pregnancy and through childbirth, and had a second homebirth myself. I have referred countless clients and friends to Nic for various problems as I can’t sing his praises enough and everyone has been extremely grateful! I have to make particular mention though to how I recommend Nics treatment during pregnancy, how he supports your body to align in preparation for birth has such a positive impact to the effectiveness of uterine contractions, and from what I have witnessed and personally experienced can dramatically reduce the time of Labour! Along with having a doula 😜 I honestly believe some treatments with Nic would be one of the best decisions you make for your birth.
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On my first visit to Nic in the spring of 2018 he was able to reduce my lower back pain and improve my mobility almost immediately. He identified postural and core strength issues and within two further sessions I was virtually pain free. Most importantly, NIc gave me a series of exercises that have now kept me pain free for almost a year. My core strength has improved and I am able to recover from minor injuries almost immediately. Regular exercises for only a few minutes a day have been the key and I can thoroughly recommend Nic’s approach. His treatments and exercises have totally transformed my life.

Addition 2020…

Last week, … I felt that sudden dreaded pull and tightening in my lower back!  I gingerly and painfully straightened up and, cross with myself, packed up and drove myself home.
In former years I would have spent the rest of the day alternating with hot and cold packs sitting uncomfortably on the sofa and dosing up with painkillers. This time I got out my exercise mat and fairly painfully laid on the floor.  Carefully I did ten sets of ‘tick tocks’ and gradually each one got easier. I followed this with carefully rolling on the yoga wheel until the middle of my back popped and virtually all of the lower back pain disappeared. I had re-gained virtually full mobility and, having repeated the same for three days, no further pain or stiffness.
Thank you for giving me the tools and the confidence to give it a try!
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I was 19 stone in weight. And, through exercise and diet I got down to 13.5st. With my change in body came aches and pains through poor posture and trauma to my back. Nic established where my problems were, and corrected them after 4 sessions over a two month period. I was blown away about how different I feel. I am into my third year of seeing Nic now and my appointments of every 5 months are just tweaks now. I can say that Nic’s work has transformed my life with mobility and educated me on how to sit, walk and stand among other things that I used to pay no attention to. If you have any niggles, don’t think twice, get it sorted its worth it. And Nic is absolutely amazing at his job….thankfully

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Nic was recommended to me by my Pilates teacher. I was on the point of having a full knee replacement due to arthritis and I was in a lot of pain, couldn’t walk far and basically took pain killers before getting out of bed every morning. Going to see him is the best thing I could of done as he has helped me turn my life around. 

I had no idea how much impact my lack of alignment, bad posture and inflexibility in my ankle and feet, was having on my knee and by following Nic’s advice, having a course of treatment over a few months, I am no longer taking painkillers on a daily basis, can walk 3/4 miles pain free and have been able to postpone my knee replacement far in to the future I believe. I couldn’t be more grateful. I am so relieved to have found help that didn’t involve surgery and couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He’s down to earth, honest and very knowledgeable. Don’t expect opulent treatment rooms just down to earth sound knowledge about how our bodies work and the impact changing small things can have on them. 

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In April 2016 I had been recommended to Nic via a family friend to help me following years of injury issues.
Nic has assessed a series of old injuries and set a strategy to find why the problems were happening.  Nick has corrected alignment and posture issues that I had not been aware of.
I have completed four treatments with Nic, he has me back running in the fresh air and swimming, following a long lay off.
Nic helped me find the correct running shoes to support me and help my balance.
Nic has set a series of exercises that give you small weekly gains and improvements.
Nic has made me aware of how important good posture is and helped me improve week after week with a series of understandable demonstrations.
I respect Nic is strict and focused, however the massive difference he has made to my daily life is much appreciated.  I feel able to recommend Nic to anyone. In May 2016 my wife is now being treated by Nic.
For the first time in years I feel able to focus on being the best I can be.
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