As a chiropractor I have a slightly different way of looking at people than may be commonly expected.  My background is in Sport Sciences and Carpentry and so my particular way of assessing and treating people is to look at how the muscular system affects and changes the structure of the skeleton, in much the same way that wind may affect the growth of a tree.


My intention is to work out what forces are acting on your body, often through our own habits, and to help you correct these so that the problem goes away and stays away.  Symptoms are interesting but really only point to the cause.  Learning to read why something has happened and is not self limiting is the fascinating and rewarding bit of the job.  If we get this right, everyone's happy.

I am in the process of formalising my techniques into a training program and book, which I would hope to be in first draft by the end of 2016.  Keep your eyes peeled for both the book and the training course if it interests you.