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The Surprising Truth About Aloe Vera

You’ve reached for aloe when you’ve spent too much time in the sun. You’ve seen it listed as an ingredient in many of your personal care products. It’s always been there. Simple. Ordinary. Trusted.

There’s a reason aloe vera gel is trusted in products you see every day. And that reason dates back thousands of years. The earliest civilisations revered this extraordinary botanical for its astonishing properties. Its legendary uses have been passed down through time, enhanced by scientific innovation and centuries of experience.

Let aloe surprise you as it:

* Nourishes your digestive system

* Infuses you with energy

* Protects skin from free radical damage

* Promotes skin’s natural regeneration

* Is the only vegetarian source of vitamin B12

* And so much more

Forever Living Products offers you a complete line of nurturing products based on 100% pure aloe vera gel.  Harvested by hand from our own plantations and immediately stabilised for purity, our aloe nourishes your body—inside and out—with products ranging from age-defying facial treatments to delicious, antioxidant rich drinks.


Monday, 23 May 2011


(Information taken directly from the Forever Living website -


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