Keys to Health

droppedImageNagging pain that won’t go?

5 things you may be doing...

- Standing on one leg whilst talking or waiting

- Have old ankle injuries you have not ‘fixed’

- Balancing a laptop on your knee

- Slouching at your desk / on the sofa

- Lift things without thinking about technique

5 Things that may help...


- Stand evenly, with the same weight on both feet.

- Try standing on 1 leg with your eyes closed for as long as possible (1 minute should be fairly easy).  If not, practice it up to 2 times daily on each leg.

- Place a cushion or tray under the laptop to lift it up, or better still, work at a table only.  Do not raise it by lifting onto your toes, feet flat on the floor or your calf muscles can tighten up.

- Vary your position frequently, don’t always sit facing the TV / computer the same way.

- Keep your stomach tight whilst lifting things and always try to stand up vertically and not bent forward.